Weldtest Services Offers Welder Qualification testing and
certification to any welding code or standard.

Pricing for Standard Certification:

  • 3G/4G Plate Test – AWS D1.1 - $325
  • 3G/4G Unlimited Plate Test – AWS D1.1 - $375
  • 6G 2” Schedule 80 – ASME Section IX - $350
  • 6G 6” Schedule 80 - ASME Section IX - $350
  • 6G 4” Schedule 40 – Aluminum – AWS D1.2 - $335

Please note: All pricing includes test materials

Weldtest Services also offers beveled and ready to weld test materials

Pricing for Testing Materials: (Shipping not included)

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Have you been asked about the validity of your certification?
AWS D1.1 Clause - Tells us that a Welder’s qualification is effective indefinitely as long as that Welder does not go more than 6 months without using that process. This is true for most other codes as well.
Weldtest offers a Continuity Log service – Take a look at these sample Forms

Continuity Log Example
Certification Renewal Form